Luise Noora Sejersen works with painting, video and installation. As an artist she is interested in issues concerning collective consciousness, historical discourses and the conditions of spirituality in contemporary Northern Europe. Recently she has explored the traditions of icon painting – both technically and conceptually – in her work with egg tempera on wood.

In her tempera paintings the compositions are treated like collages and she considers the pictorial space as a stage of transformation, where elements from various art historical periods as well as visual cultures intertwine with her own imagery. This implies reorganization of the hierarchical systems as well as dissolving distinctions between spirit and matter in the symbolic language.

She seeks connections between the past, organic worldviews and the present search for new ways of being in the world other than the control of the environment that characterizes the Anthropocene era.

Luise Noora Sejersen holds a MFA from The Funen Art Academy (DK) in 2014, beginning her Fine Art studies at Valand Academy of Fine Arts in Gothenburg (SE) in 2009. In 2019 she received a working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation and a Recidency Award from Siena Art Institute (IT). She is based in Copenhagen.

Instagram: @luise_noora